Our Services

Security Guard

EISPL provides security guards, supervisors, and security officers who are committed to the security solutions provided for the client.

Patrolling (QRT)

EISPL’s Mobile Patrolling platoon is committed to furnishing professional service. security guards are trained to investigate, cover, and keep the work area safe by walking from place to place.

Event Security

EISPL provides a special assortment of Event Security Management. Trained officials with security gadgets are deployed at event sites to ensure the event is conducted smoothly.

Dog Squad

EISPL can provide well trained guard dogs, and sniffers as and when required. Dog squad services are used in the areas of tracking, explosive detection, guarding, rescue, etc.


EISPL provides the best housekeeping facilities for its clients. Our intense housekeeping service and superior on-site management.


EISPL provides all kinds of skilled, semi-skilled, & unskilled manpower for any kind of industry. We feel great about introducing ourselves as one of the leading professionals. We provide all kinds of manpower, like welders, electricians, labour etc.